ProductBC Annual Membership

Become part of the community with an annual ProductBC membership.

ProductBC is a member-funded non-profit association. It’s because of you and others that choose to be part of the community that we exist.

Support the evolution of Product Management across British Columbia and become a ProductBC association member.

You’ll also get access to a number of constantly evolving member perks:

  • Priority access to our most popular events.
  • Exclusive access to our top-quality mentorship program.
  • An online community of highly-engaged product professionals.
  • The great feeling of being a part of a community of like-minded people.

We also have a several member exclusive programs in the works:

  • Workshops
  • Member discounts and benefits
  • And more

Note: Expiring credit cards can cause subscription issues. Please contact ProductBC admins if you have any trouble re-subscribing.