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About Our Organization

We are a non-profit society

As Product Managers, Owners, Analysts and Marketers, we all share a common pursuit: to create thoughtful products that solve customer problems. To do this effectively, we require a flexible and diverse set of skills along with a passion for learning. The Product Management Association of BC is a non-profit organization that aims to serve the local community by offering our members access to events, mentorship opportunities, and content so they can learn and grow as product professionals.


As a member of the non-profit you will have access to:

  • Regularly scheduled events including roundtable discussions, interactive Q&A, lightning talks, and fireside chats

  • Special events such as workshops and bootcamps

  • Mentorship programs

  • Local content generated by speakers, members and other professionals

  • Curated content from the field of Product Management

  • Peer and professional networking

  • A supportive community of fellow product professionals

Our History

The Product Management Association of BC was created to raise awareness and improve the quality of service delivered by Product Management and Product Marketing professionals in BC. Our non-profit organization supports the local community by providing education, peer networking and support to our members through regular events, online resources and special programs.

While the non-profit organization officially launched in December 2016, our origin dates back to ProductCamp Vancouver 2013. After attending the 1-day “unconference”, our founding member John Schaub was inspired by the enthusiasm and devotion for Product Management in the community, recognizing an opportunity to serve them by holding regular events.

Our first meetup was held on July 11, 2013 and since that time we have held over 36 events, the organizing body has grown to 7 board members, and the group has surpassed 1500 members throughout British Columbia.

Meet The Team

JOHN HAWKINSProduct Technologist
John has been involved with technology product management, business development and project management for over 30 years spanning integrated telecom and computing products.
Jonathan has been involved in the people business for over 10 years. He strives to cultivate small to medium sized enterprises, internal corporate teams, and businesses with purpose.
Damian is a builder of cool and interesting products. He’s is currently working on his next top-secret not-so-secret project as the CTO of WhatToZee.
DANIEL GODINDirector of Marketing, Secretary
Daniel has 10+ in technical sales and delights in building bridges between sales and product teams.
JUSTIN MEADEDirector of Mentorships
Justin has 20 years in the IT industry, a passion for technology and thrives when engaging with people in all levels of business. He helps organizations elicit their needs, brings partnerships together, crafts efficient and practical roadmaps for success, and execute upon them.
PAUL SAVEProduct Owner
Paul has a passion for startups, building teams, and shipping software. He likes to dabble in machine learning and is the cyber security Product Owner at Central 1.
ERIC BINDirector of Product Management
Eric has been involved in technology since the 90’s with a focus in e-commerce. His current Product focus is on transforming the practice of law. His biggest passion though is people – growing and developing the next generation of leaders.

Join ProductBC and become part of a growing group of Product Professionals across British Columbia.