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 ProductBC is a non-profit association founded to support the professional growth of its members across British Columbia. We provide opportunities to network and learn from experts in the Product Management, Product Ownership, Product Operations and Product Marketing fields.

We offer a range of services that benefit our members, regardless of the stage of their career. This includes speaker series, events, workshops, training and more.

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Connect, socialize and share with like-minded professionals in the product community. Enjoy benefits such as priority access to events and an upcoming member benefits program.

Events & Workshops

Learn from experienced product management professionals from local and abroad. Be part of our signature workshops to develop skills and strategies you can apply on the job.


The mentorship program enables Product Managers to improve their skills by learning from seasoned professionals. Mentors work on their coaching skills, while mentees benefit from one-on-one advice and assistance.


The roundtables connect product leaders, directors, and VPs to share in their collective wisdom, tackle complex problems, and accelerate their personal and corporate growth.

Random Coffee in Slack

Slack Community

Join one of the biggest product communities with over 1,400+ members. Explore 40+ Slack channels, including #salary, #jobs, #events and #diversity-inclusion. You can virtually mingle with other professionals and learn how to become a better product leader.

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Member Testimonials

I'm usually grossed out by apps, but these guys are legit! It even fits my nifty hat and red hair. Try it, why do I care?
Scott B.
Director of Product
So, the first time I heard of these skateboard guys I was like: what? But now I'm more like: Hell yeah, give me more.
gabriel h.
Product Manager
I don't even know how I got by without this stuff. This right here is the bomb. Especially the awesome filters included.

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