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Program Overview

The ProductBC mentorship program enables Product Managers to improve their skills by learning from seasoned professionals. Mentors work on their coaching skills and give back to the product management community while mentees benefit from one-on-one advice and assistance.

Program Duration

The program is 4 months in duration and may extend beyond this if both participants desire.

Mentor Requirements

Mentors must have at least 5 years experience in Product Management.

Mentee Requirements

Mentees are new or intermediate Product Managers and must be active members of ProductBC. Mentees will enter the program with a predetermined SMART goal to work on.

See Program Details for more information.

How to Apply

Applications are now closed. We will be sending updates about the next cohort in our ProductBC newsletters.

Program Details

During the program, mentors and mentees will meet a minimum of 5 times. Mentor and mentee pairs manage their own meetings and they can meet either in person or remotely. Each participant must sign a confidentiality agreement before the program kicks off.

Participants apply through a web application and submit resumes as part of the process. Program leaders will review each application prior to the matching process. While we do our best to accommodate as many people as we can in the program, it’s not always possible to find matches for everyone due to availability and mismatched criteria. If you don’t get matched, we encourage you to apply for the next session.

The matching process focuses on aligning expectations and capabilities of mentors and mentees. The process consists of:

Phase 1: Applicant Filtering

Applicants will have answered questions regarding their areas of interest, availability, preferred location and other criteria. This is utilized by our mentorship software to create a filtered shortlist of mentees for each mentor.

Phase 2: Mentee Selection

Mentors review their list from phase 1 and select a shortlist of preferred mentee candidates for interviewing.

Phase 3 – Interviews and Final Pairing

Mentors interview mentees from their final shortlist in a round-robin fashion. Both mentors and mentees rank each other after each interview. Program leaders then review the rankings and make the final pairings.

Program Tracks

Participants will select one or two of their preferred program tracks from the following list:

  • Career and Role Development: advice on finding and achieving your next role, starting out at a new company, understanding the product management role, advice on processes, practices, tools, methodologies, and skills development.
  • Product Advisor: support in finding alternatives / solutions to the specific challenges of the products you manage.
  • Leadership Development: developing thought leadership, general management and cross-functional management skills.

Contact us to learn more.

Email if you have questions. Please let us know in your email if you’re interested in being a mentor, a mentee or if you’re not yet sure.