Bylaw Change Proposal

Hello ProductBC Members,

It is my pleasure to announce our updated vision and mission for 2023. 

We are an engaged and diverse community of product professionals in BC coming together to inspire, challenge, and support each other.

Our mission is to create collaborative, volunteer-driven communities where product professionals can learn and connect.

Full details of this update can be reviewed here –

Alongside our updated vision and mission, we are excited to invite you to consider a bylaw change. There will be an online vote and a meeting to read the results of the vote into the minutes.

As we shift our focus to creating collaborative volunteer-driven communities, we find ourselves more motivated than ever to shift the role of the board into one that is less hands on, more directional and strategic in nature.

Volunteer run committees (or teams) already exist within ProductBC. We hope to ensure these teams can operate autonomously from the board (with direction provided by the board). This will create a more stable working environment as the teams can then operate outside the election cycle.

As a strategy focused board, we believe fewer members will be more effective. After discussion and research, a maximum of 7 board members appears to provide an optimal balance of opportunity and diversity of opinion while still being effective.

This vote and extraordinary general meeting provides the option to reduce the number of board members in time for this year’s Annual General Meeting and board election.

If you have questions do feel free to reach out to any board members listed here for discussion/clarification.

The key change is outlined below

Number of directors on Board

4.1 The Society must have no fewer than 3 and no more than 11 directors.

To be replaced with

Number of directors on Board

4.1 The Society must have no fewer than 3 and no more than 7 directors.

As you consider the vote, know that board members can fill any vacant director seat. This reduces the risk of dropping significantly below the maximum.

Please place your vote here –

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