Break into Product together

Share ideas and learnings with other local aspiring PMs.


Are you a university student or working professional looking to break into Product? Join the ProductBC Pre-PM Roundtable to brainstorm ideas and advance your career together.

We know breaking into product can be tough. That’s why this roundtable is here to help! This is a chance for you to share your challenges of breaking into Product Management while sharing learnings and brainstorming solutions.

Would you like to bounce ideas off others in a similar capacity as you? Would you like to be part of an amazing group of people to grow your product skills, share ideas, and network together?  

If so, then this Pre-PM Roundtable is for you!


Please select the application form that best applies to you below. You will be asked a series of questions relevant to your current situation.

Program Details

In order to join, applicants should be a student or working professional with these key requirements:

  • An interest in Product Management
  • A paid member of ProductBC
  • Commitment to meeting once a month

What types of roundtables do we offer?

  • Senior Product Leaders – for people managing 5 or more product managers
  • Product Leaders – for people managing between 2-4 product managers
  • APM – for people newer to PM with 2 or less years of experience
  • Pre-PM – for working professionals and university students looking to break into product

Contact us to learn more

Please email Brian Miki at if you have questions.