ProductBC + MarketFit Scholarships

ProductBC is excited to announce a new scholarship program in partnership with Alan Albert of MarketFit with a focus on supporting those looking to enter or grow their product management careers who may face barriers to entry.


ProductBC was created to raise awareness and improve the quality of service delivered by Product professionals in BC. In the past few years, this mission has expanded to include removing systemic barriers towards growing an inclusive product community in British Columbia.


As such, ProductBC and MarketFit are happy to announce three new scholarships that help contribute to this effort:

Scholarship Details

The scholarship application will have two questions. Candidates who provide answers as per the specifications outlined in the application will be qualified to enter into a draw for the scholarship prizes. Candidates are only eligible to win one of the three scholarships. 

Question 1: What systems of oppression have limited your product career?

We understand systems of oppression can create challenges for folks of various backgrounds when it comes to thriving in our industry. Rather than going into details of what oppression you have specifically faced, you will be asked to indicate which systems (e.g. racism, sexism) you have found limiting. Checkboxes will be provided as well as an “other” option.

Question 2: Describe how you and the ProductBC community might benefit from your receiving a scholarship in ways that might increase Diversity, Equity, or Inclusion.

In this open ended question, we will be looking for three key pieces of information. 

1) What will you use the funding for (specific is best! e.g. course name), 
2) how you will use that funding to further your career (specific is best! e.g. you expect that this course will allow you to be more successful in interviews, or get past resume screening),
3) how you taking this course and furthering your career will positively impact the product community in BC with regards to Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (e.g. you may be forging a path that is not well worn, thus creating space for others to follow behind you).