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Product Leaders Roundtable

For Product Leaders, Directors and VPs

Program Overview

Are you a senior product leader / director / VP? Join a ProductBC Roundtable to advance your product leadership skills.

ProductBC created a Sr. Product Leaders roundtable in 2017 to connect VPs and other senior product people so they could share their challenges and brainstorm solutions. ProductBC is creating a second group due to the success of the first roundtable. The roundtable is looking to connect product leaders to share in their collective wisdom, tackle meaty problems, and accelerate their personal and corporate growth.

Is yes, your answer to the following questions?

Would you like bounce ideas off others in a similar capacity to you? Would you like to be part of an all-star product roundtable to grow your companies together?

If so, then the roundtable is for you!

See Program Details for more information.

How to Apply

Please use the application form below where you’ll be asked a series of questions related to you, your company, and your role.

Apply Now

Program Details

In order to join, applicants must be:

  • Currently managing two or more product managers with plans to grow
  • Part of a company with 30 people or more
  • Meeting with their executive team regularly to discuss strategy
  • Responsible for profit and loss or customer impact

In addition, we expect you to commit the time to meet at least once every two months.

What types of product leaders roundtables do we offer?

We currently have the following product leaders group:

  • People managing 2 or more product managers
  • People managing 5 or more product managers
  • People who only manage technical product managers or product owners
    • This group is currently being formed and once we reach 10 people we will initiate the first meeting.

What if I do not meet some of the criteria?

There is some flexibility as long as we maintain the quality and value of the program. Please email and let him know what you’re looking to gain from the Roundtable.


Contact us to learn more.

Please email Paul Save: if you have questions.