ProductBC Annual Membership

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Become part of the community with an annual ProductBC membership.

ProductBC is a member-funded non-profit association. It’s because of you and others that choose to be part of the community that we exist.

Support the evolution of Product Management across British Columbia and become ProductBC association member.

You’ll also get access to a number of constantly evolving member perks:

  • Priority access to our most popular events.
  • Exclusive access to our top-quality mentorship program.
  • An online community of highly-engaged product professionals.
  • The great feeling of being a part of a community of like-minded people.

We also have a several member exclusive programs in the works:

  • Workshops
  • Member discounts and benefits
  • And more

Note: if you previously signed up for an annual membership and you’re having trouble renewing, try cancelling cancelling the subscription and re-add it.