Spring 2022 Program

Application is Open for Mentees​


Application Details

We’re looking for eager mentees to join the ProductBC Spring 2022 mentorship program.

The program aims to match you with your ideal mentor based on these areas of professional interest:

  • Career and Role Development: advice on finding and achieving your next role, starting out at a new company, understanding the product management role, advice on processes, practices, tools, methodologies, and skills development.
  • Product Advisor: support in finding alternatives / solutions to the specific challenges of the products you manage.
  • Leadership Development: developing thought leadership, general management and cross-functional management skills.

Why is there a $25 fee?

Over the past eight sessions, we’ve found that members get a ton of value from the mentorship program, and it gets better every time. The low fee helps us to cover any administrative expenses, and build up a small pool of funds for future in-person mentorship events when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

If you do not get matched with a mentor (given that you have attended the online matching event), you will receive a full refund on your $25 fee.

If you need assistance with the fee, email mentorship@productbc.ca and we will figure out options for you.

Key Dates

  • Feb 1 – Feb 15: Application period
  • Mar 16: Matching event (online) Note: mentees must be able to attend this event
  • Mar 24: Final pairing – emails sent to all pairs to start their program
  • Mar 24 – Jun 24: Mentoring period

What if I have questions about signing up?

We’re happy to answer any of your questions. Just reach out to our mentorship team at mentorship@productbc.ca.

How do I join?

  1. You must be a ProductBC Association member with an active membership and currently logged in.
  2. Add this subscription to your ProductBC account and pay the $25 fee.
  3. You’ll be sent a thank you email with a link to our mentorship application form.
  4. Follow that link to fill out your mentee profile.
  5. We’ll send you a series of communication leading up to the March 16th online matching event. 

You must be a ProductBC member to join the Mentorship Program as a mentee. If you're already a member, login here. To check the status of your ProductBC Annual Membership, click here.

Otherwise, click here to signup and become a ProductBC Association member first, before returning to the Mentorship Program page.

Please contact mentorship@productbc.ca if you have any questions.