Paul Save


Paul is the Product Management Lead, Data & Analytics at iQmetrix, and has over seven years of combined experience as a product manager and startup founder. He has helped co-found four companies including one not-for-profit in the past eight years.

He brings over a decade of non-profit board experience and co-founded the Product Management Association of BC (ProductBC) and served as vice-president since inception until recently becoming president.

While vice-president at ProductBC, Paul created the product leaders roundtables to provide a forum for people managers to have a forum to “share in their collective wisdom, tackle meaty problems, and accelerate their personal and corporate growth”. With the board and product leaders from the community, he also facilitated the creation of the vision: “ProductBC’s vision is to create a globally recognized ecosystem of amazing product leaders”.  He also led the collaboration with several volunteers and the board to craft ProductBC’s first strategic plan to help bring alignment with the board and focus our efforts on value for the community.

Previous volunteer experience includes being on the board of the BC Sustainable Energy Association where Paul helped support various chapters in BC and supported the maturation from a working board to a governance board.  He has also volunteered for the Graduate Student Society of UBC, the Civil Engineering Graduate Students Society, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Paul looks forward to dedicating another year to supporting the knowledge transfer to a large number of soon to be new board members and is committed to advancing our three pillars in the strategic plan: education, cultivation of community, and advocacy.

Brenda Shu-Hawley is a seasoned strategic product manager with more than 15 years of experience managing innovative products in complex and cross-functional environments, of which 10 years with data-driven analytics solutions. Passionate in working with international teams, she worked in product management abroad throughout Germany, the US, Brazil, China, and India. During her history at BASF—one of the largest chemical producers in the world—Brenda launched decorative coatings products in China, developed and launched decision-making support products for the company’s agribusiness, revised and recovered product sales performance. In Vancouver, her career started at Semios Technologies, where she worked closely with the software development and data science teams to deliver IoT solutions with advanced analytics powered by AI to support farming decisions. Today, Brenda is a Product Manager with Boeing Corp., managing an innovative integrated big data analytics solution for commercial airlines to support fleet reliability management. Above all, Brenda is passionate about inspiring team members to find solutions, and supporting top management in navigating challenging scenarios and decisions.

Volunteering at ProductBC in the past 3 years, Brenda was responsible to elaborate and implement the Volunteer Program which created the platform enabling volunteers’s engagement and onboarding. Also, Brenda has been developing and leading the known Mentorship Program from its conception to execution which in the past 2 years supported nearly 130 pairs, and counted with the contribution of 6 volunteers over the past 5 intakes.

Brenda is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®), and ICI Leader-Coach, Pragmatic Marketing professional.

Brenda Shu-Hawley


Timothy Yeung


Timothy Yeung is a seasoned product management professional with a decade of experience in the digital space. He is currently a Senior Product Manager at TELUS Digital, where he also chairs the Product Guild (Community of Practice), as well as serving as a mentor, having co-launched their product management mentorship program. Whilst at TELUS, Timothy has delivered several innovative products, such as a recommendation engine for smart homes, and Canada’s first ecommerce platform for home security services.

Timothy has been serving as a board member at ProductBC since May 2019, and has been volunteering for ProductBC since March 2018. Timothy has co-hosted a number of popular speaker events, with both local and international product leaders. Timothy also managed the marketing portfolio, which includes running campaigns to help the ProductBC Mentorship Program grow to its current size, and he has also served as a mentor (nominated twice as outstanding mentor). He has also worked with the team to deliver a new ProductBC website.

Timothy loves spending time in the product community – whether it’s having beer/wine/coffee/tea/kombucha with fellow product people, volunteering at events, helping with ProductBC’s strategic planning as an advisor, helping community members with breaking into product management, or mentoring new product managers.

Outside of work and ProductBC, Timothy is currently an advisor to a healthcare tech startup, Heal Mary. Timothy is a major foodie, a car enthusiast (#savethemanuals), an avid Canucks fan & a Newcastle United fan (since 1997).

Tamara Grominsky is a Product Marketing and growth leader with experience bringing new products to market, positioning existing products for expansion and driving revenue acceleration and product adoption at high tech companies, including Unbounce and FreshBooks. She is currently the VP of Strategic Growth at Unbounce.

Tamara firmly believes that Product Marketing is the linchpin to sustainable business growth and that the success of any great product relies on a close partnership between Product Management and Product Marketing. She is working to elevate the role of Product Marketing within the local tech community, and is the Vancouver Ambassador for the Product Marketing Alliance.

Tamara Grominsky

Prashanth Mahadeva

Prashanth has been a product manager for 6+ years, helping growth-stage (<300 people) tech-enabled companies scale their products and product teams, i.e., “build the thing that builds things”. 
He has held product and leadership roles at, BuildDirect, Razorpay (India’s Stripe), and enParadigm. His pre-product experience includes software development and enterprise sales. He holds a degree in electrical engineering as well as an MBA from one of India’s best B-schools.

Outside of work, Prashanth is active in the BC product community, crashes startup events to help soon-to-be founders clarify their value propositions, reviews CVs to relax, and plots to take over the world with his 3-year-old daughter.

Jeanine is an eco-activist and product leader whose work focuses on changing our building stock from a mysterious but significant energy drain into a data landscape.

Buildings are the third largest contributing sector to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (after Oil & Gas, and Transportation). She works to ensure the industry is better informed about how to evolve our built space to be pro-climate – making big data simple in an approachable and engaging way. There are so many levers we can pull to reduce the impact of buildings on our greenhouse gas emissions, but before we can easily manage this sector, we need to measure it better. Jeanine manages the software GRID, a tool that helps measure the energy data of buildings so we can manage them better!

Jeanine has been an engaged member of the ProductBC community for the last 3 years, has participated in the mentorship program as both mentee and mentor, and has gone on countless coffee’s with fabulous product managers and product managers to be. She believes that strong and diverse communities like ours help create create stronger and more diverse workplaces. Her focus on the board would be to ensure we create value for Leadership PMs who contribute so much back into our community when engaged.

Jeanine Longley

Philippe de Alberti

Philippe brings 15+ years of experience in Product development.

Former CTO at OneMove technology (now Dye and Durham) and Project Manager at HSBC for a decade,  Philippe is currently head of Product at MediaValet and works with senior executives on defining and implementing product strategies to increase win rate and reduce churn.

Philippe is passionate about leading and coaching product managers, designers, and engineers to solve complex problems that delight customers. Outside of work, Philippe loves enjoying all the outdoors BC has to offer.

I did an undergrad in Cognitive Systems (Psychology focus) and a Master of Management at UBC. I graduated last year and have been working in my current role as Customer Success & Product Management Specialist since.  At Granted Consulting, I’m working on our new SaaS product, GetGranted, that was launched in September 2019. 

I found out about product management at a career fair where I met a product manager from Tableau. Afterwards, I got connected to the ProductBC group where I met up with PMs who shared their day-to-day work and career journey with me. This community had a big impact on my career, which is why I’m passionate to volunteer on the board! 

My favorite thing about product management is being able to work across departments to create a great product together, collecting feedback from users to understand what they actually want, and figuring out how to align that feedback with the company’s business goals. 

In my spare time, I like to play board games, explore local events around Vancouver, and figuring out which show to watch between Disney Plus, Amazon Prime AND Netflix.

  • Strengthsfinder: Individualization, Strategic, Connectedness, Learner and Developer.
  • ISFJ
  • Hufflepuff 🙂 

Ti Wu

Ross Haleliuk

I am a digital products enthusiast with 7+ years of experience delivering successful products, building businesses and launching impactful community initiatives. Having started my product journey as a co-founder of a profitable educational technology company back in Europe, in 2014 I moved to Vancouver.

In 2015, I joined Moe’s Home Collection – a furniture brand that is on a mission to make great style easy, long-lasting and well-priced. At Moe’s, I have had a chance to work with amazing teams on developing e-commerce solutions, improving point of sale, demand forecasting and reporting tools. After moving into fintech in 2019, I had a great pleasure to contribute as a Product Owner @ Mogo working on MogoSpend – a prepaid Visa debit card with cashback and carbon offsets.

I have recently joined Lendesk team as a Product Manager. At Lendesk, we are on a mission to create products that simplify the mortgage process.

I am passionate about building community as I believe that everything is about people. I am convinced that those who can – should, and that success without integrity is a failure. In my free time, I organize social events for product managers (aka Product Brew), volunteer as one of the organizers of the ProductCamp Vancouver,  and mentor young professionals looking to grow their career in tech.

It would be a great pleasure to serve on the board of ProductBC and to help grow our product community. 

20 years ago, in my high-school yearbook bio I wrote “it’s the people that mattered”. In a new context, I still believe it’s the people that matter for results. Getting results both for themselves and what we strive for together for the world is how I define success. Let’s create a workplace and world where people wake up inspired, feel safe at work, and go home fulfilled.

My goal, and what I love, is to help the entire software team reach their personal and delivery potential by creating environments that allow for high performance, learning, and fulfillment. Outcomes focus on understanding customer values/needs to implementing solutions that turn users into advocates, and a team that has a daily sense of pride in their accomplishments. In short, I strive to be an inspiring leader, caring coach, and savvy manager of individuals and teams to grow and deliver in ways nobody else does.

I enjoy learning about how to better deliver software from every angle — prominently Product Discovery and Building High Trust Teams. To that end, I’ve held a variety of positions: Agile, Product, Program, Project, and Development. I’m constantly looking for ways to better lead teams in delivering long-term value to customers.

I have deep curiosity for complex problems. I am a collaborator in delivering world-class solutions. I care about people, from customers to internal teams, it’s always the people that matter.

I bring leadership, empathy, curiosity, problem solving, effective-execution, organization, passion, energy, and “strong opinions loosely held” to my teams.

I’ve excelled as a development manager, agile coach, program manager, project manager, and product manager on highly skilled software teams for 7 years. I’ve held management and leadership positions for over 15 years. I love people and learning about complex problems, then coordinating team-collaboration into great solutions. I’ve learned a lot so far and I look forward to learning much more.

Christopher Edwards

Nicole Tai

Nicole is a seasoned digital product professional who is passionate about team communication, user experience, and understanding the influences of the surrounding systems. She is currently a Product Manager at SEDNA Systems, a streamlined team inbox for high-volume business transactions. She brings over 10 years of experience in both in-house and digital product agencies where she helped form delivery teams and operational processes, while creating digital product experiences for clients from proof-of-concepts through MVP and V1 builds, centred around the users. She’s had a fantastic opportunity to work with companies like Slack, American College of Physicians, and Earls to design experiences that have truly made an impact on how their customers work.

Scott is a product management leader who loves coaching product teams to growth, market share, and customer delight. He’s held product roles at productboard, Thinkific, Finning Digital, Central 1 Credit Union, Inovera Solutions, and Blue Zone Entertainment. Prior to entering product he held a number of UX-related roles at Yellow Pencil, nForm, Critical Mass, and Habanero Consulting. Scott is an active member of the Vancouver product community with a deep interest in helping others find their opportunity in product and in coaching, mentoring, and developing others. Scott holds an Diploma in Music from Grant MacEwan College, product-related certificates from University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business and Pragmatic Marketing, and an Award of Achievement in Web Analytics from the University of British Columbia. Outside of work, Scott can be found playing drums, running, and enjoying time with his family.

Scott Baldwin

Blake Fisher

Blake Fisher is a senior product manager and product strategist with over 10 years of experience in both product/project management, web development, consultancy and design across multiple industries ranging from finance/fintech, security, marketing, start-ups, and agency. He has worked in Vancouver, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal and remote development teams abroad. Currently, Blake is helping build a growing product management culture at Vancity Credit Union as Manager of Product Strategy and as the Banking Product Portfolio Lead.

Blake’s career followed an unconventional path into Product from humble beginnings in Journalism and Printing/Publishing where he learned how to do deep research, interview the public, and develop the foundations for design. From there, he found an intersection into software development through the rise of digital publishing. He is compelled by unpacking how things work and in the art of selling a vision and a story supported by evidence-based research and in providing a technology and design foundation that excites and motivates teams.

Blake has been involved in various Product and Digital Project meetups in Vancouver for the past 6 years and had joined ProductBC close to two years ago to get more involved to support its growth and join the mentorship program. More recently, he has begun #fintech coffee sessions with ProductBC folks interested in focusing in on discussing the intersections of product management and digital financial services.

Blake is a Certified Agile Leader (CAL1®), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®), and Pragmatic Marketing professional.

I’m currently the Chief Growth Officer at Kinzoo, an early-stage tech startup where my role includes building out our Product Management and Product Marketing strategy to deliver against our vision. Previously, I’ve held diverse roles driving commerce and consumer products for Aritzia, Kit & Ace, and TELUS. I’m fortunate to have first-hand experience wearing some of the different hats required in Product Management: Agile Coach, Delivery Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Technical Project Manager—and of course, Product Manager! I joined the BrainStation team in Fall 2019, teaching the part-time Product Management course. Recently, I was on the organizing committee for ProductCamp Vancouver 2020, and I previously served as co-organizer for the meetup group Lean Agile Vancouver.

Although I’ve worked at organizations of varying sizes—from 3 to 30,000 people—the common thread in my positions has been starting from a place of ambiguity. I thrive in dynamic environments where there is an opportunity to tackle meaty problems and set foundational strategy. I’m a strong advocate for a cross-functional approach to customer experience and collaboration among teams. When describing my strengths, my colleagues often note my contagious passion for my work, my ability to bring out the best in others and my genuine interest in those around me. I am typically the go-to person for coordinating team events, workshops and celebrations. I love meeting new people and am comfortable in most settings, including cold outreach and public speaking. I aspire to join the Board of Directors with Product BC because I’ve benefited hugely from participating in the community and would like to give back in a more significant way. Specifically, I want to contribute to initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the career growth of product professionals at all levels and increase diversity in tech.

Britt Skolovy

Brian Stachniak

Brian has been working in Vancouver’s high-tech industry for over 20 years – holding a variety of roles from Software Developer, UI/UX Analyst, Business Analyst to Product Manager. Career highlights include developing a sonar-based mine sweeping system for the Canadian Navy (MacDonald Dettwiler) and 13 years with McKesson Medical Imaging, developing multiple market-leading products for the radiology market.

Brian’s first Product Management experience was at a Fortune 500 company (McKesson), learning industry best practices from seasoned veterans and becoming Pragmatic Marketing certified. These practices were later “right sized” for various start-ups and government agencies that Brian worked with as a consultant. Brian has been involved in the local product community since 2013 when his VP “strongly suggested” that everyone on the team attend Product Camp (translation: “You’re going”). It turned out to be NOT a bad suggestion. Wanting to give back to this community, in 2019 Brian served as a volunteer segment lead for ProductBC’s Strategic Planning Initiative. Now that he has some “skin in the game”, his desire is to continue to see the initiatives that came out of that move forward.

Currently, Brian is the Director of Product for Sonic Incytes (, a health tech start-up building a new medical device that uses novel ultrasound technology (out of UBC) to diagnose and monitor liver disease.

In his spare time, Brian serves on the board of Imaging the World (, a non-profit with a mission to build life-saving ultrasound clinics in remote areas of developing countries.

During Sheri’s 19-year career in technology she has focused on leading software and hardware teams to deliver products that delight customers and are driven by market requirements. This approach, combined with her ability to implement lean product introduction and lifecycle management processes, has helped companies maximize their ROI on their development budget and to accelerate time to market.  

Sheri brings a broad outlook to her role as a Product Manager, having gained insights from her experiences in several different industry segments including Human Resources Management Systems (HRIS), satellite and telecommunications, medical imaging, LED lighting, Software Defined Radio systems (SDR), and enterprise-level collaboration applications. She has worked in a variety of environments ranging from early-stage startups to large multi-nationals.  

Sheri holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and a diploma in Management Skills in Advanced Technology from Simon Fraser University. She has served for many years as a Director and Volunteer in industry groups, including Product BC, the BCTIA Product Management Group and the Vancouver Product Management Association.

Sheri Morita

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