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Sauder Professor Tim Silk on Disruptive Innovation


Disruptive Innovation When looking back on a major business collapse caused by industry disruption, a commonly used phrase to justify missteps by leadership of the disrupted company is that “hindsight is always 20/20”, opposed to foresight which is not so clear. Through his recent presentation to Product BC, Sauder Professor Tim Silk argued [...]

Sauder Professor Tim Silk on Disruptive Innovation2018-01-24T09:34:05-08:00

UX+PM: Uniting the Dream Team


User Experience + Product Management Some of the most successful product creation partnerships in the past two decades can be said to have been the direct result of strong collaboration between the Product and User Experience functions of the organization in question. Whether you consider Jobs + Ive at Apple or Canadian examples [...]

UX+PM: Uniting the Dream Team2017-07-26T08:09:05-08:00

Your Price is Wrong: How to Price Your Products for Maximum Return


Your Price is Wrong – Tackling an Objective Topic Subjectively May 31, 2017 update: Samantha Ming covered this event on her Events Podcast. Listen to the podcast on SoundCloud. “How much do you pay for coffee?” It’s a seemingly mundane question, but a perfect illustration of the challenge behind pricing your product. Naturally, [...]

Your Price is Wrong: How to Price Your Products for Maximum Return2017-12-18T11:11:11-08:00